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Entry #5

Dress up Demo

2008-10-08 10:15:55 by ViperVsKabal

Dress up Demo is out yeah yeah the shadeing isnt done on her and i didnt make much cloths but that is cause i want some ideas :D give it a look at and send me ideas


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2008-10-08 13:28:11 tml

take a look it might help...


2008-10-09 19:43:02

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2009-04-05 01:57:42

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2009-04-05 02:06:30

hay girl can you till me how to put games and vidios on my page sexy


2009-04-14 02:40:21

Instead of asking us for ideas u should look at sum of teh dress-up games on newgrounds. sometimes it could be inspirational. OH YAH nice quiz. lol "do you love me?" A)yes B)no C)show me porn plz C) maybe. i was laughing my ass off i fell off chair... now my head hurts O.o


2009-05-03 06:23:30

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2009-05-14 07:46:14

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